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Hullo and welcome to The Old Vicarage, the icon journal of parisianpierrot. Why the name? Well, it's part of a title of one of Rupert Brooke's most famous and beautiful poems - The Old Vicarage, Grantchester. I think it sounds lovely and it's a rather splendid name for an icon journal.

And what will you find here? All sorts of things. Fandom, non-fandom. Art, fashion, film, music, general beautiful people and things. I just like making icons of pictures that catch my eye and I generally don't care what they're of. I tend to make icons of really obscure fandoms as well and they don't go down well but I like making them and I'll use them myself so I'm not going to stop for anything.

I have to say that, if I were to have a speciality, it would be 'old things'. By that I mean old photography of people, places, things and old movies, movie stars. Old art, old fashion. By old I can mean 1950, I can mean 1500. And I generally mean everything in between. And I love period movies/TV shows because that's the best of both worlds.

Sometimes I make icons of really really odd things. They tend to be disturbingly popular.

My resources can be found here & my affiliates here.